First Singing Saturdays of 2019!

Two successful Singing Saturdays so far this year…

We’re in March already, can you believe it?

It’s been full steam ahead for us here at MusicSmart. Our choirs are back up and singing, after the Christmas break, we’ve run health and wellness workshops on the benefits of singing and choir singing in particular, We’re starting up new choirs ( keep your eyes peeled on our choirs pages for more about that!) and we have run two very successful Singing Saturdays!!

We’ve tried something new with our Singing Saturdays and so far they have been really successful. Instead of one date for a particular theme or genre, we’ve run two dates.

March 9th was our very first Singing Saturday of 2019, and with Musicals as our theme, we welcomed a full-house of singers, some from our choirs and some new faces…all happy faces!

Here are some photos of the day, we hope they inspire you to come along to one of the other upcoming Singing Saturdays, we’d love to have you there 🙂

MusicSmart Singing Saturdays Musicals March 09 '19
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March 16th was the second of our Musicals themed Singing Saturdays, the same songs as before. It too was fantastic. Many laughs throughout the day, as well as  squeals of delight as we clapped our hands and stamped our feet to “Flash Bang Wallop”.  What fun!!

More photos were taken and you can see them in the gallery below.

MusicSmart Singing Saturday Musicals
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We hope to see you all again at our upcoming singing days, we’ll add details and bookings to our calendar soon, keep checking!


Keep Singing!

Hilary and Paula x