Singing Saturdays and the Swinging Sixties

Those were the days… when we thought the carnival is over, but sugar, sugar, it’s not unusual when its  been a hard day’s night, and you think you’ve lost your love and all you need is love…yesterday, when all your troubles seemed so far away…and indeed they were, because we were having a MAGNIFICENT day at our Swinging Sixties Singing Saturdays!!

We all had a groovy time these past two Saturdays, singing songs from The Swinging Sixties. It was marvelous to hear those wonderful songs sung with such enthusiasm and feeling.

MusicSmart Singing Saturdays Swinging Sixties

We hope it brought back some fun memories and some new harmonies as well. We just know that you will have been enjoying watching the fabulous Temptations on YouTube and practicing your moves, as well as your Rock ‘n Roll faces!


Take a peep through the galleries below, there is one for each day. You can also see the pictures from our two “Musicals” Singing Saturdays, earlier this year. ( Click on the gallery to make it full screen.)

Saturday May 11th

MusicSmart Singing Saturdays Swinging Sixties day 1
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Saturday May 18th

MusicSmart Singing Saturdays Swinging Sixties day ii May '19
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